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Version 1.01 is now available. It is the same as 1.000, but is now statically linked so it doesn't require several .dll's that not all people may have. If 1.000 is working fine for you, there is no need to get this version.


Portal Viewer is a Q3Radiant plugin that will display the contents of the .prt file within the editor itself.


Here is a view of the fog patch in the area behind the one way gate in q3dm7.  Click on the thumbnails for a full picture.

  Portal viewer turned off.

  Portal view turned on.


Portals are the boundries between bsp nodes in your .bsp.  Visibility is determined by these bsp nodes.  By being aware of where these portals are, it can be an aid designing the map and placing hint brushes in order to improve the r_speeds of your map.

Using PrtView

This program is pretty self explanitary, but some points needs to be mentioned.

In the configuration menu for 3D view options, the lines and polygons flags are tri-state.  In the third state, the lines or polygons will only be drawn if they have the hint flag set.  The hint flag will be set by the latest version of q3map to indicate it was created by a hint brush.

q3map normally deletes the .prt file after computing visibility.  In order to see your .prt file, you will either need to run the bsp proccess by itself without running visibility or lighting calculations, or find a way to pass -saveprt to q3map during visibility calculations.  Some compiling frontends may give you access to this option.

Binaries: PrtView1_01.zip
Project Home: SourceForge

Written by Geoffrey DeWan with additional help by TTimo.